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November 2021

On 24 November, ZIMA Magazine announced the winner of the autumn session of the ZIMA StartUp contest. The programme aims at supporting new projects and assisting young entrepreneurs from the CIS region to further success. CIS LONDON is proud to remain partner of Zima Startup. 

In her speech Svetlana London offered advice to both the investors and the young entrepreneurs. According to CIS LONODON Managing Partner, the foundational documents of a company should not be overlooked as they serve as the legal framework of a business and are the foundation of all further communication between the investor and the start-up.

Please follow the link for Svetlana’s full speech on the venture capital conflicts of interest

CIS LONDON team offers congratulations to the winner - Arloid Automation, a cloud-based solution that is trained to automatically adjust HVAC settings in real time based on changing environmental conditions.


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