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Stamp Duty: complex scenarios

In this new briefing note CIS LONDON sheds light on stamp duty requirements that go with share purchase transactions, drawing buyers’ attention to some of the more complex scenarios.

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Russia: lack of spousal consent as a barrier to enforcement

Our newest briefing for those dealing with Russian counterparts explores how Russian spousal property regime affects transactions with shares, real estate and beyond. Check if you need the spouse’s consent before the deal is made.

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The Bank of Russia’s position on foreign financial services restriction

Foreign companies offering their services on the Russian financial market on a cross-border basis are aware of the restrictions and prohibitions on non-Russian companies operating in Russia. Some restrictions are very broadly defined, which creates uncertainty as to how they apply to cross-border activities of foreign entities.


What you need to know about divorce in Russia

Russian citizens who reside permanently in the UK need to be aware of a number of procedural and substantive law issues if they are facing a divorce. In our new article, we touch on the key points that will rise during a divorce procedure.

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Enforcement of foreign judgments and arbitral awards in Kazakhstan: new development

Enforcement is a key issue to consider before initiating civil proceedings and arbitration, especially in jurisdictions such as Kazakhstan. In this briefing, we offer our clients insights into the recent development in this area and our view on the subject.

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Russia's first attempt at regulation of crypto assets

In an attempt to regulate the country’s crypto economy Russia’s Ministry of Finance has prepared a bill that purports to label mining as a business activity, outlaw unauthorised crypto exchanges, and lay down disclosure requirements for ICOs. While the bill is far from becoming law it provides a timely insight into what Russia’s regulatory framework for crypto assets is set to look like.

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The Nitty-gritty Of Cross-Border Dispute Resolution In Russia

When dealing with a Russian counterparty or otherwise entering the Russian market, companies tend to be wary of their dispute resolution prospects in the country. In our latest client briefing on the subject we offer our UK-based and European clients important insights into litigation in Russia, after the Russian Supreme Court clarified its stance on some of the most burning issues.

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Getting the deal through Right of publicity 2016

CIS London contributes to the Getting the Deal Through series on the Right of Publicity 2016 in Russia.

The edition provides expert analysis in relevant areas of law and regulation for corporate counsels, cross-border legal practitioners and company directors. The publication covers the topics on existence of the right, ownership of the right, infringement of the right and remedies.

You can download a PDF version of our chapter. The chapter is also available as an e-book or via the GTDT iPad app.

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