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Thinking ahead: Legal Advice for Venture Capital Investors

The definition of venture capital investment implies risk.

The art of venture capital investment involves finding the balance between the risk and the prospect of growth. Among other things, the level of risk and return on investment depends on the investment round and the ownership share.

Please follow the link to read an article by CIS LONDON about the instruments of risk management for investors published by ZIMA Magazine. The article is in Russian. 


Interview by ZIMA Magazine

ZIMA interviewed Svetlana London as part of #нашлондон (Our London) project, where the magazine tells the stories of the Russian-speaking residents of London. 

In the interview, Svetlana speaks about her unusual surname, the legal life in London and the office of the company based in a Tudor building. Please follow the link to watch the interview in Russian. 


The Legal 500 Interviews Svetlana London

We are pleased to announce that The Legal 500 featured an interview with Svetlana London, Managing Partner of CIS LONDON. 

Follow the link to discover what makes CIS LONDON stand out, the company’s approach to recruitment as well as plans for the future. 


Svetlana London on Family Governance

We are delighted to share with you Svetlana London’s interview on family governance by Russian Roulette Magazine. In the interview Svetlana is sharing her perspective on family governance in the CIS region and reflecting on the importance of the continuity of family values. 

The interview is available in Russian. Please follow the link to find out more. 


Svetlana London: Combining two mindsets and cultures

For over 10 years CIS London & Partners have been successfully operating in the British market. In an interview to ZIMA Magazine the Managing Partner, Svetlana London, has shared the story behind the establishment of the company, the firm’s approach to selecting staff members and client care as well as some personal details about her life in the UK. Please follow the link to find out more. The interview is available in Russian.


Importance of Legally Binding Agreements Among Start-up Founders, Zima Magazine

It is often the case that the importance of legally binding agreements between start-up founders is overlooked by the parties concerned. In a ZIMA Magazine article, CIS LONDON experts explain why formalising the rules of ‘the game’ can be an effective risk management mechanism. The article is available to read in Russian.


'Investor’s guide to legal literacy and avoiding costly mistakes’ workshop, London

In CIS LONDON’s latest workshop titled ‘Investor’s guide to legal literacy and avoiding costly mistakes’ we shared insights with business angels and entrepreneurs, members of Zima Club. Svetlana London focused on the balance of power in a typical English company and described an array of tools that can help improve an investor’s standing, with emphasis on access to information and instruments of control. Zima Magazine report about the event is available here (in Russian).


CIS LONDON advocate Tatiana Titova on gender discrimination in employment

The problem of gender discrimination has been on the agenda for a long time. It is still a matter of great interest to media and society owing to its importance. 

Russian news outlet Mel has recently published an article about employment discrimination which women face.

According to advocate Tatiana Titova, it is really difficult to prove gender discrimination in employment. “We need a more flexible approach to evidence”, Tatiana said. For example, witness evidence, conversation recording, polygraph examination, references to similar cases of the employer’s behaviour and psychological reports should be used to support claims. 


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