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Venture Deals

Venture Deals

At CIS London & Partners we devote our finest expertise in cross-border M&A, corporate governance and IP to the legal support of venture investments with a CIS element.


Investors’ working relationship with the start-up and co-investors is a basis for the prosperous development of the project. This is why when representing an investor in a venture round CIS London & Partners aims to protect the client’s interests and at the same time build a constructive dialogue between all parties involved.

Mindful of the legal landscape relevant to the start-up, we help investors negotiate term sheets with optimal combinations of terms that cover both the economics and control aspects of the deal.

CIS London & Partners works restlessly to guard our clients’ interests, be it a convertible loan or a Series C investment. We take extra care to stay on point and propel negotiations to success in a time-efficient manner.


We know just how much start-ups value an opportunity to attract investment. Our experience and individual approach enable us to professionally protect entrepreneurs’ interests throughout various financing rounds. At CIS London & Partners we are also mindful of the need to balance the interests of other parties, particularly business angels who often have a personal relationship with the entrepreneur.

Thanks to our years of representing both investors and start-ups we are able to explain the long-term consequences of provisions that affect the founders the most, such as pay-to-play and vesting - and to efficiently negotiate the terms of the deal.

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