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Real Estate

Real Estate

Years of practice allows us to expertly assist clients who are seeking to purchase, rent and dispose of real estate in Russia, as well as those interested in Russia’s natural resources.

Acquisition, disposal and other transactions of commercial and residential real estate

We advise our clients on all aspects of sale and purchase of commercial and residential real estate. We provide tailored advice at every stage of their projects, helping our clients to structure the transaction and to see it completed. To this end, we conduct legal due diligence of real estate, draft and negotiate transaction documents and liaise with local authorities.

Experienced in unpicking the hurdles of Russian legislation, we negotiate the best possible terms of lease and sublease agreements on behalf of our clients and ensure that the acquired rights are duly registered with the Russian authorities.

Real estate finance

Taking into account Russia’s legislative and business landscape, we work together with our clients to secure their investments in the Russian real estate sector. We prepare legal due diligence reports as well as drafting and negotiating the necessary joint venture documentation and assisting in registration of local security instruments.

Construction and development

We help our clients to allocate legal risks efficiently, obtain necessary permits, and continue to provide legal support for their projects.

Our lawyers are experienced in representing clients before the Russian authorities in respect of complex land use and environmental issues.

Subsoil use and agriculture

Russia offers a great variety of subsoil investment opportunities; however a foreign investor often finds the legislative background confusing and overly restrictive. We help our clients to structure their projects and document their co-investors’ commitments.

In the agriculture sector, we help to structure and document our clients’ relations with local experts and landowners by drafting and negotiating packages of essential agreements, from leasehold of land to leases of equipment.

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