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Employment & Immigration

Employment & Immigration

At CIS London & Partners we know that competent and reliable personnel are indispensable to the success of your business in Russia. We provide legal support to help our clients structure their relationships with the best local professionals – and help in bringing their key staff to Russia from abroad.

General advice

Many of our clients encounter striking differences between the regulation of the labour market in their country and in Russia. We help in navigating the complexities of hiring, transferring, dismissing workers and maintaining relations with existing personnel. When providing advice on various terms of employment, including confidentiality matters and incentive schemes, we accommodate our clients’ preferences in the best possible way.

Employment records and other documentation

Apart from employment agreements, there is a sizeable body of employment documentation that an employer must have in place to comply with Russian laws. We draft and negotiate these documents and help our clients build and properly maintain employment record-keeping. For clients acquiring business in Russia we conduct legal due diligence in respect of existing employment documentation.

Transferring and dismissing personnel

Mergers, acquisitions and setting up branches in Russia all entail considerable staff adjustments. We work together with our clients to identify legally sound employment solutions for every change in their business structure, including intra and inter-company transfers and optimal severance packages.


Being able to bring key personnel and their invaluable experience into Russia is crucial for some of our clients. So that their business can benefit from labour migration, both short and long term, we remove hurdles in their way by providing legal advice on visa and in-country registration requirements, work permits and other related matters.

Labour disputes

As employers, our clients require legal assistance when dealing with employees and ex employees’ claims, and when seeking to enforce restrictive covenants and confidentiality obligations against them. Over the years, our dispute resolution team has been acting on behalf of our clients to manage and resolve labour disputes, including representation in Russian courts.

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