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Russia’s evolving regulation of intellectual property, technology, media and data protection opens new horizons for some - and brings new challenges for others. At CIS London & Partners we keep abreast of all the latest developments in the field, offering you the best of our awareness and experience.

New content and commercialisation of IP

By securing all necessary permits and drafting agreements with each person involved in the creation of new content such as film and music collaborations, we provide reliable legal support to the creative process.

As for existing intellectual property, there are countless ways to monetise this; and we always find the best way for our clients to exploit commercial opportunities that come with their intellectual property assets.

Attaching great importance to securing steady revenue flows and paying attention to cross-border tax implications, we draft and negotiate complex bundles of IP transfer and licence agreements, as well as franchise and agency documents.

For those clients who seek to make use of the intellectual property of others, we offer expert legal advice regarding all available fair use and licensing options, and safeguard their interests through all stages of a deal.

Protection of IP

Our clients’ goodwill and brand identity are extremely important to us. We have developed a number of strategies to prevent and prosecute the infringement of intellectual property rights in trademarks, logos and business names.

It is not unusual for our clients’ trademarks and business names to be registered as domain names in Russia by competitors or opportunist third parties. We offer expert legal support in the resolution of these disputes in the Russian segment of the Internet.

We help to combat the use of counterfeit products utilising our clients’ intellectual property and to minimise any losses arising. In cases involving unauthorised distribution of content on the Internet we use an array of advanced legal mechanisms to tackle infringement and to secure compensation for any loss.

IP registration and regulatory

Registration of some types of intellectual property, such as trademarks and patents, is indispensable for their effective protection in Russia. Some of our clients wish to undergo discretionary registration of their IP assets such as software. In each case we provide highly qualified legal advice and support throughout the registration process.

Mass media and distribution certificates

In the light of recent legislative developments in Russia, we help our clients to sell their Russian mass media business profitably and securely – or to restructure it using solutions alternative to ownership, such as franchising. Our foreign mass media clients rely on us to assist with the accreditation of their correspondents and the opening of their correspondent offices in Russia.

We provide general advice on mass media registration and licensing, as well as drafting articles of association (charters) and other documents necessary for the proper functioning of any editorial office in Russia.

To clients bringing their content to the Russian public, we offer our help with applying for a distribution certificate, guiding them through all stages of the application process.

Data protection

At CIS London & Partners we aim to protect information that is valuable for the business of our clients.

We offer help with drafting and negotiating non-disclosure agreements, and with elaborating internal policies that protect sensitive information such as know-how. We word our clients’ employment agreements carefully in order to protect their trade secrets and other IP arising in the course of employment.

We offer advice tailored to the needs of each of our clients on ways to ensure compliance with Russia’s latest legislation on personal data protection.

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