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Based on our extensive experience in working closely with NGOs, we are able to offer comprehensive legal support: from setting up national and international philanthropic structures to assisting clients in running their daily operations, ensuring compliance with rigorous regulations, and helping them devise a vision for the future.

Charitable giving

We help our clients to organise tax-efficient charitable giving to recipients in Russia, whether via direct cross-border donations or by establishing an NGO. In the former case we draft and negotiate donation, fundraising and sponsorship agreements. In the latter case we help develop appropriate strategies and set up respective legal entities for charitable giving at both national and international levels.

Endowment foundations

We provide legal support to clients seeking to establish endowment funds in Russia. In particular, we prepare relevant registration applications and draft supporting documents, liaise with state authorities and provide a range of legal services to the endowment following its registration.

Law on "foreign agents"

Charitable causes have suffered a blow as a result of the enactment of foreign agent legislation in Russia. The law subjected Russian NGOs receiving any kind of donation from abroad to scrutiny and additional administrative burdens. This has changed the long-lasting relationship foreign givers had with NGOs in Russia.

We take great care when devising ways of maintaining these relationships and helping structure the giving process efficiently and in compliance with the law. We represent NGOs facing scrutiny from Russian authorities, both in and out of the courtroom.

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