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Getting the deal through Right of publicity 2016

CIS London contributes to the Getting the Deal Through series on the Right of Publicity 2016 in Russia.

The edition provides expert analysis in relevant areas of law and regulation for corporate counsels, cross-border legal practitioners and company directors. The publication covers the topics on existence of the right, ownership of the right, infringement of the right and remedies.

You can download a PDF version of our chapter. The chapter is also available as an e-book or via the GTDT iPad app.


Getting the deal through Copyright 2015

We have once again contributed to Getting the Deal Through series of annual reports on Copyright 2015 volume that was published in July 2015.

The chapter Copyright: Russia prepared by our experts Valeria Ivasikh and Alexander Yurchik addresses the key issues that are of concern to rights holders and their counsel, covering such areas as: legislation and enforcement, agencies, subject matter and scope of copyright, copyright formalities, ownership and copyright, duration of copyright, copyright infringements and remedies and relationship to international copyright conventions.

You can download a PDF version of our chapter here. The chapter is also available in eBook format.


The Russian legislation on personal data protection is currently changing

The amendments to the law on personal data are coming into force from 01 September 2015, one year earlier than expected. It imposes heavy requirements on Russian and foreign companies working with personal data. CIS London team has prepared a short briefing note on the main changes that can be downloaded here.

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